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  • Your convenience is our mantra, and all of our office schedules are designed with your family needs in mind!
  • Our offices are purposefully super close to schools, major hubs, and your family activities!
  • We value your family time, so each visit is maximized for efficiency, and we even have creative solutions for our traveling and remote patients! Best of all – your care is always in the hands of a trusted orthodontic team and doctors.


  • You’ll love that our doctors wrote the textbooks, published scientific papers, and present lectures used for orthodontic education worldwide! In other words, our doctors are the ones teaching orthodontists!
  • The COE team has treated thousands of happy patients and have seen your concerns before!
  • Want an example of someone’s results with a smile concern similar to yours? Just ask our team!


  • Guaranteed payment plan options for any family’s budget! We don’t want finances to stand in the way of getting the smile you deserve and love.
  • No-interest, extended financing options available!
  • Seamless integration with most major dental insurances!


  • Your treatment and care involves only things we would also do for our own kids, spouses, and families! In fact, when you come to COE, you are family.
  • Your smile goals will be reached in the simplest and most conservative manner possible!
  • You’ll feel like you are relaxing at home with our team in our uniquely designed offices and zen experiences!


  • You will love joining our office and team who are committed to being passionately invested in our communities and committed supporters of schools, youth activities, philanthropic organizations, and local businesses among many of our other altruistic interests.
  • We’ve built a team from our own communities, so you will be seeing new and old friends at COE.
  • You’ll see our smiles and team around town. We are your COE family!


  • Did you ever see your x-ray in 3D? You will now! This image ensures no guessing for what needs to be done!
  • Metal braces? Clear braces? Clear aligners? Braces behind the teeth? Yes, yes, yes, and yes! You get your choice from all the most advanced options available!
  • Your options are 100% customized for YOU and YOUR lifestyle!

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Use our virtual smile service for an Instant Smile Exam!

Step 1

Take a few selfies of your smile! Be sure to show all the teeth that concern you!

Step 2

Click the link below to email your selfies to us. Be sure to include your name and a description of your concerns or questions.

Step 3

We will personally respond to help get you started on your smile journey!

Your Most Convenient and Affordable Option for Braces or Clear Aligners For Your Family. Period.

If you are like most working families we’ve met, the #1 concern you probably have about getting a new smile for your kids or yourself is finding the time to fit it around homework, shuttling the kids to activities, or work responsibilities.

Dr. Tamburrino and Dr. Shah, being parents themselves, recognize this concern and made it our mission to accommodate families’ busy schedules. We want you to be able to get in to see us easily and minimize the amount of trips into the office.

At both our Princeton Junction, NJ and Kennett Square, PA offices, you can schedule your visits from 7:30 AM to 7:00 PM, as well as Saturdays! There’s never a reason to miss work or school unless you choose to do so.

Secondly, we’ve found that many families really want to help their kids (or themselves) smile better, but have a tight budget. While we’d love to be your only priority, we completely get it that there are other things going on in your lives!

The COE team promises to maximize your dental benefits, and be 100% assured you’ll get a creative and affordable payment plan that works for you.

***Hint: If you are unsure about whether you should purchase dental insurance or contribute to an FSA/HSA this year, please download our free guide “Love Your Smile” to learn about your options!***

We invite you to visit COE and have a different experience from what you’ve had with any other healthcare provider. Come meet our all-star team, have a conversation with us about your options for a new smile, and see if joining the COE family is the right fit for you!

Simply click below to request your complimentary visit, and we will get it set it up ASAP!

Keep smiling :)

Ryan K. Tamburrino, DMD
Dr. Shah's signature
Shalin R. Shah, DMD, MS

P.S. With over a decade of experience treating patients, teaching at the University of Pennsylvania, and lecturing at conferences worldwide, it’s likely we’ve seen your situation before. We will be happy to show you examples of how smiles similar to yours have turned out awesomely well!

Live. Laugh. Smile.

Ryan Tamburrino, DMD / Shalin Shah, DMD, MS