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3D Printed Mask

COE Custom 3D Printed Facemask

Patent Pending: US Patent 16/865,359


Step by step instructions on prepping and caring for
your custom 3D printed N95 facemask

Center for Orthodontic Excellence, Princeton Junction, NJ

Instructions for prepping your mask:

1) Thermal form your mask to your specific face shape for a more comfortable and secure fit.

a: Place edges of mask in warm water bath for approximately 5-10 seconds or until the edges begin to flex without any cracking. Hold the mask by the grill when submerging the edges for a more secure hold. You can also use cotton pliers, tongs etc.


b. While forming it to your face, make sure to talk and dramatically open and close your mouth so there is plenty of room for you to speak clearly and comfortably.

*This process can be revisited for the life of your mask

2) Secure your mask to your face by inserting 2 pairs of adjustable head straps. We recommend these

a) Start by threading the straps through the tops two openings so the ends of the straps face toward the back of your head. Follow the instructions to add the closures to the straps.


b) Repeat this process for the bottom two strap holders.


3) Add weather foam, adhesive sponge, or any adhesive material to inside of the mask to relieve pressure on the bridge of nose. We recommend a similar foam to this.

4) Cut a Level 2 or 3 surgical mask

a) Place it horizontal and perpendicular to the external, antimicrobial grills.

b) repeat this process for in the internal vent and place the mask vertically for increased protection.

5) Alcohol gauze can be used to remove makeup or debris from your mask. The material itself is antimicrobial and antiviral and therefore does not need to be disinfected after use.

Now that your facemask is ready to wear, feel free to be creative and draw a design or add color to make it reflect your personality!

You can use your mask for a long as necessary. Unlike traditional surgical masks and N95 respirators, your mask is reusable, customizable, antimicrobial, and antiviral. More than 99.9% of fungi, viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms are eliminated when they come in contact with the surface.

Live. Laugh. Smile.

Shalin Shah, DMD, MS